A poem a day: Lavinia Greenlaw

Your touch suprises me
like a breath of sea air in the city
and I don’t know which way to move
in the opposing landscapes of my senses.
As if, crossing a street I have lived in for years

the taste of salt comes to my mouth
and I lose sight of what I’m walking towards:
a window that has caught and reflected
all that is familiar; or the edge of this island
from where we can at last look out.

“Closer”, Lavinia Greenlaw.

*Pour R, mon amour, si loin et si proche.


Today’s “Quote”: Laurence Sterne

“(…) when I write full, —I write as if I was never to write again fasting as long as I live;—that is, I write free from the cares, as well as the terrors of the world.— I count not the number of my scars,—nor does my fancy go forth into dark entries and bye corners to antedate my stabs.— In a word, my pen takes its course; and I write on as much from the fullness of my heart, as my stomach.—

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Today’s quote: Muriel Spark

‘I felt… that the novel as an art form was essentially a variation of a poem. I was convinced that any good novel, or indeed any composition which called for a constructional sense, was essentially an extension of poetry’

Curriculum Vitae

Muriel Spark

Spark, first a poet until she found her path for fiction, was obsessed with novel structure. Her fiction works aren’t quite lenghty but carfully shaped, hence this quote.