Today’s Quote: Ogundipe-Leslie

“Should culture be placed in a museum of minds or should we take authority over culture as a product of human intelligence and consciousness to be used to improve our existential conditions?” (548).

Molara Ogundipe Leslie

“Stiwanism: Feminism in an African Context”


Today’s Quote: Frederic Jameson

“(I)f the priorities of the realm become reversed, and everything is mediated by culture, to the point where even the political and the ideological ‘levels’ have initially to be disentangled from their primary mode of representation which is cultural. . . . Continue reading

Today’s Quote: Sharon Sieber

Good literary criticism, like all great literature, is multi-faceted and layered; its meaning flickers and changes and it is couched in ambiguity : it is both a particle and a wave.

Sharon Sieber
“Magical Realism”
The Cambridge Companion to Fantasy Literature

Cambridge University Press 2012